CH.E-INDUSTRY GROUP LLC is a supplier of industrial equipment, spare parts and chemical reagents for coal preparation, petrochemical refining, metallurgy and other industries.

We offer ready-made complex technological solutions from the stage of project development to commissioning, full service maintenance of equipment for dewatering, thickening, separation of liquid and solid substances, classification, purification and reuse of industrial waste and wastewater with the introduction of integrated production automation.

OUR GOAL is to provide each client with a full range of modern products and services using the latest achievements and innovations in the field of coal preparation. 

An individual approach to the situation and problems of each client, the philosophy of partnership are the basis for interaction with our clients.

We know the price of success and the importance of an impeccable reputation.

Our activities are based on our colossal experience and the experience of our partners, who are leaders in the global market.

We are an officially authorized representative:

  • PHOENIX Process Equipment, USA -  world manufacturer of belt filter presses, plate and frame filter presses;

During its work, CH.E-Industry Group has formed a system of high-quality and efficient customer service, consisting of perfect logistics experience, strong partnerships with leading companies in Ukraine and abroad, professional staff with the necessary knowledge to ensure individual interests and customer wishes.

On the pages of our site, we have tried to give answers to all the most frequently asked questions regarding both the technical description of the properties of materials and analogs for use.

We will be happy to answer all your questions using any communication method available to you.


CH.E-Industry Group team.