"CH.E-INDUSTRY GROUP" LLC offers first-class engineering solutions for oil & gas drilling and extraction.

We manufacture equipment for mixing and cleaning drilling mud, drilling waste management, conventional pumping units for oil extraction.

Mud systems (SC type) for drilling oil and gas wells
Mud cleaning unit
Shale shakers LVS
Mud cleaner SGCU-4
Hydrocyclone GC-300P
Mud desilter I-100P
OGSH Centrifuges
Vacuum degasser DV-1
Drilling fluid mixing unit BPBR
Mud tanks
Hydraulic mixing hopper SG-150
Mud agitator PBR-7,5
Electric centrifugal slurry pump NSHB 250-35,5Т/55(75)
Chemical injection & dosing skids
Spare parts to drilling equipment and mud pumps
Conventional pumping unit SK 12T-3000-5500
Drilling cuttings drying system 30-1
Skid-mounted cement slurry preparation unit