Сommodities and materials list of required additional parts for press-filters (for operating and ivestment activities) for 2018.    
Stock Number SAP Names of equipment         PHX Part No.  
20104407//20104405 Helical grid SW 1090 (0790) FE Р-Р 18690Х3050         BLC-421FH052-12  
20104406//20104404 Helical grid SW 1090 (0790) FE Р-Р 10690Х3050         BLC-736FH052-12  
20063678 Doctor blade for beld cleaning FP-WXG3-09         PTS-CH105S-12B  
20124900 Nozzles to clean stop rings and seal of press-filter          PTS-CH300  
20086737 Bearing unit DODGE 000013658         PTS-CH781  
20086738 Bearing unit DODGE 000013659         PTS-CH780  
20178210//20160277 Washer with slide valve WXG-3 КР.СБ (wash system with adjustible angle of spraying WXG-3.0)         PTS-CH311  
20063679 Supporting plate FP-WXG3-10         PTS-CH111-3.0  
20140978 Cylinder of belt tracking system WXG-3.0         PTS-CH270  
20063672 Lever of belt tracking system FP-WXG3-03         PTS-CH825  
20086736 Bearing (double-row spherical roller bearing with cartridge) 22217 ЕК 13388/14404         PTS-CH701  
20165010 Brush scraper for washer APPLTON WXG-3.0         PTS-CH307  
20138461 Belt tensioning system bellows 1Т14С-3         PTS-CH235  
20063671 Roller for lever of belt tracking system FP-WXG3-02         PTS-CH826  
20063680 Seal set of gravity zone  KIT-FP-WXG3-11         KIT-495-3.0  
  Tracking Bearing(as a reference)         PTS-CH730